About Us

Alexe van Beuren, B.T.C. owner, with her daughter at the storeThe B.T.C. is a labor of love.

Kagan Coughlin rescued the derelict building and made the old bricks sing again, while Alexe van Beuren visualized and now runs the store (along with the very serious help of Annaliese and Caspian.) The family lives right up the street in another rescued home.

Chef Extraordinaire Dixie Grimes came along in 2011 and has catapulted the B.T.C.’s cafe to notice in Mississippi Magazine, the New York Times, Food & Wine, the Wall Street Journal, and most proudly, the North Mississippi Herald and Miss Betty’s Week. In 2015, Dixie became an official partner in the BTC and the cafe now bears her name: the Dixie Belle Cafe.

The B.T.C. is proud to serve breakfast (sausage gravy and grits to die for); lunch (salads, sandwiches, and soups; Lola burgers and Wed, Thurs, Friday, plate lunches); and stocks deli salads ( Tex-Mex pimento cheese, hand-pulled chicken salad), take-home casseroles (hoop & havarti macaroni, jalapeño grits). We slice our deli meats and cheeses daily and serve sliced handmade from-scratch cakes from New Albany’s Westside BBQ. Check out our menu for all the details.

BTC-produceGrocery-wise, the B.T.C. stocks everything from couscous to quinoa, works with local farmers to keep grassfed ground beef, local eggs, and glass-bottled milk, and travels all over North Mississippi in search of Amish strawberries, cave-aged blue cheeses, and yes, fat red tomatoes. There’s hoop cheese and cane-sugar sodas and souse and chocolate-covered pretzels.

The B.T.C. is a unique and innovative grocery that takes the local food movement and makes it easy for the average person by buying locally when it can and industrially when it can’t (if you would like to know more, please see the Where We Get Our Food page). But first, foremost, forever, the B.T.C. is a place where the food is great but the community is better.

Just another small-town grocery… where the food tastes like it used to.